2 for 1 App!


A couple months ago, Will and I were eating at Barbacoa on Wasatch and a bunch of kids from our neighborhood walked in and were all using an app that got them half off all of their food. When I asked them what they using they said 2 for 1! I mean, who doesn’t want to get half off their food/services?


All you have to do is download the app on the app store.

Here are some examples of discounts they have within the app!

  • Curry Pizza (a new favorite of ours!)

  • Shiro Kuma Snow Cream (another favorite!)

  • Capitol Cleaning

  • Martial Arts

  • Jump aRound Utah

  • Auto Refinishing

    And the list goes on & on! I like that they don’t ONLY have food!


The app will automatically search for discounts closest to your location but you can also filter by a map view and search where discounts are based on different locations which I like!


Isn’t that so awesome?

We know exactly what we will be using this weekend… 2 for 1!

Let us know if you use it/how you like it!