TruFru Products

I've been going to Bear Lake every summer since I was three years old and can never leave without a couple chocolate covered raspberries for the road. After I saw numerous friends post about how incredible these new frozen chocolate covered raspberries were from Costco, I knew I had to try them! And boy, am I glad I did. They are seriously incredible and I really don't want to admit how many bags I've eaten... by myself. 


Owned by a local Utah company, TruFru, these raspberries are the perfect healthy snack since they have all clean ingredients and antioxidants. Simply put, it's a frozen raspberry covered with delicious white and dark chocolate! I love pouring some into a bowl and snacking while I work. 

Unknown to some, TruFru also carries freeze dried snacks that I've loved eating on the go. They have different flavors including Banana, Cherry, Raspberry, Coconut, Strawberry etc. My favorite flavor so far is the coconut! 


You can find the frozen chocolate covered raspberries in the freezer section of Costco (I found mine by the ice cream/desserts!) in Utah, Montana, and Idaho. But be careful, they go quick so I might by two bags if I were you! Or three...