SOMI Vietnamese Bistro

We've passed SOMI Vietnamese Bistro in Sugar House numerous times but have never been in to try it! On Saturday we decided to go in and did not regret that decision one bit. 


Somi is located in Sugar House right on Wilmington Avenue by Spitz, Acai with a Blend etc. Their address is 1215 E. Wilmington Ave, Suite 100, Salt Lake City, UT 84106 and they are open 11am-9pm (Sundays 12-8pm).


Right when we sat down, the SOMI Sliders immediately caught my eye on the menu. I love those soft buns and crispy pork belly. I've only had them once before in NYC and these were better!


Somi also has really fun drinks! The Passion Fruit Fizz is AMAZING. If you like Passion Fruit you have to try it. It has little passionfruit seeds and chunks which really compliment the flavor. We also had the Raspberry Fresh Lemonade which was delicious as well.


Avocado and cucumber rolls. Super fresh and healthy!


Out of everything we ordered, my FAVORITE item were these CRISPY SPRING ROLLS. Honestly, I've had egg rolls a lot in my life but these are hands down my new favorites. I would go back again and just order these. 


We heard their Vermicelli was really popular so we ordered the Grilled Short Rib Vermicelli and BONUS... it came with crispy spring rolls. 


Another crowd favorite are their Pho options, of course! It was a rainy day so we loved warming up with their Beef Noodle Pho. They simmer their pho stock for 24 hours! It definitely makes a difference because this Pho was incredible.

Hope you guys can make it in to SOMI soon! 

View their full menu HERE