Baked Bakery & Cafe

Today I (Olivia) stopped into Baked Bakery & Cafe in Provo. 

This local bakery has been open since December and is easily one of my favorite lunch spots in Provo. I really do love supporting local, family owned businesses.  This restaurant is owned by two married couples who are good friends and had the fabulous idea to open a fresh baked business together. 

Not only do they provide delicious sandwiches & salads, but they also have fresh baked bread every day as well as baked goods that are delectable. 

I also love snacking on their samples every time!

Today they were testing out this spicy popcorn that made everything right in the world. 

I ordered the Turkey Cranberry salad which had turkey, onions, candied pecans, cranberries and parmesan cheese. 

And of course this Peanut Butter Triple Chocolate Chip cookie to top it all off!

Be sure to go stop by Baked in Provo and enter our upcoming giveaway with them on @utahgrubs!