Beehive Bakery & Cafe

The other day we were up in Bountiful and decided to try Beehive Bakery & Cafe. We had heard so many great things about it so we thought we'd stop by and see what it was all about!

The restaurant is owned by a darling couple that opened the cafe in January of 2014. Almost everything they sell in their restaurant is made from scratch.  We shared the combo meal which was a side salad & a half sandwich for $7. The Turkey BLT really was INCREDIBLE. 

Sometimes Focaccia bread can be way too hard/I usually dislike it but Beehive Bakery's was super soft and you could tell it was made in house, that day. 

I am also a huge salad connoisseur and I absolutely loved their chicken apple salad. It tasted extremely fresh and the cheese and bacon complimented the salad taste perfectly well. 

Thanks for having us in Beehive Bakery! 

We love supported local bakeries around the great state of Utah.