Citris Grill

I vividly remember going to Citris Grill while in Junior High with a group of girlfriends, or in High School on a date night, and now we continue to go together every so often.  My love for this never restaurant has never ceased. 

Citris Grill

One reason we love Citris Grill is because the restaurant is so versatile. Their menu is sure to have a menu item that pleases everyone. Whether it's a Southwest chicken wrap (one of the most popular menu items), a Chinese salad, a rack of ribs, or a wood fired pizza... everyone can find something they love up at Citris Grill. 

Another reason we love Citris Grill is for their impeccable service and great atmosphere!

We have yet to have an encounter with bad service there and that means a lot to us. The waitress last week met with us promptly, delivered our food in a reasonable amount of time and checked in on us periodically to make sure we were satisfied with our meal.  

We ordered the Number Six Pizza- Famous spinach and artichoke dip topped with spinach, artichoke hearts, shrimp and mozzarella. The Wood Fired Chicken Breast- Artichoke hearts, tomatoes, Citris glaze, parmesan, potatoes and vegetables with the Brownie w/ Ice Cream for dessert. 

Every bite was memorable!


Thank you for having us in Citris Grill!

We will for sure be back soon. 

(note that they moved addresses! They are now located up in the Olympus Hills shopping mall)