Vessel Kitchen in Fort Union


Praise the heavens above! Vessel Kitchen is finally OPEN in Midvale/Fort Union!


As you can imagine, I get asked quite often what my favorite restaurant is and I usually ALWAYS respond with Vessel Kitchen. I have been obsessed with them ever since I first tried it a couple years ago in Park City and have been begging them to come to the valley ever since.


They opened up TODAY in Fort Union and not only is their build out absolutely INCREDIBLE but their food and new menu is delicious as always.


If you are going for your first time, I would suggest ordering the Hash Hash, Avocado toast, Abodo tacos and Uncle Jessie… and basically everything else you see on the menu. Don’t forget to grab a Süss cookie on your way out!


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Happy grubbing!


Dough Co. in Farmington!


There is a new Dough Co. in town!

Dough Co. is a local Utah company with locations in Sugar House, South Jordan and now Farmington! Located right in Station Park, you can now experience edible cookie dough for yourself. Their grand opening is tomorrow, March 1st, at 6pm so go stop by!


My favorite thing to order at Dough Co. is their half baked cookie dough with ice cream. You can choose your cookie dough flavors + ice cream and it’s served WARM and is delicious.


Their March flavor of the month is MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP! Wills favorite flavor! Mine is their Cake Batter.


I love this sign in their Farmington location. A fun play on words for “Greatest Snow on Earth!” Another great reminder of Dough Co. being a Utah local company.


Their build out is beautiful. Located over by the new Slapfish!


Be sure to stop by for your sweet tooth fix this weekend.


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2 for 1 App!


A couple months ago, Will and I were eating at Barbacoa on Wasatch and a bunch of kids from our neighborhood walked in and were all using an app that got them half off all of their food. When I asked them what they using they said 2 for 1! I mean, who doesn’t want to get half off their food/services?


All you have to do is download the app on the app store.

Here are some examples of discounts they have within the app!

  • Curry Pizza (a new favorite of ours!)

  • Shiro Kuma Snow Cream (another favorite!)

  • Capitol Cleaning

  • Martial Arts

  • Jump aRound Utah

  • Auto Refinishing

    And the list goes on & on! I like that they don’t ONLY have food!


The app will automatically search for discounts closest to your location but you can also filter by a map view and search where discounts are based on different locations which I like!


Isn’t that so awesome?

We know exactly what we will be using this weekend… 2 for 1!

Let us know if you use it/how you like it!


Bringing Back Baking


Our favorite Sunday tradition is making a treat that we can enjoy as a family. This Sunday, we decided to whip up a crowd favorite called “Chex Treat” from our friends cookbook Favorites. This sweet treat is perfect to take to a party or even just for a quick snack and can be made in minutes.  If you’ve never had it, you’re missing out!


On Saturday we drove down to the local Macey’s grocery store and found our favorite Food Club products to make the Chex Treat. We love Food Club brand because it’s competitively priced and is just like your national brands but a fraction of the price.


The recipe is simple.

First, you mix the sugar, corn syrup and butter in a saucepan and boil the ingredients for 3 to 4 minutes. Then your poor the wet mixture over the cereal and coconut and toss. Add the almonds and toss again then you’re done! Spread on wax paper to cool.


It took me about 10 minutes to make. We both ate a bowl while watching football and then had some leftovers to take over to our neighbors!


1 (12 ounce) box Food Club Chex

1 (13 ounce) box of Golden Grahams

2 cups Food Club flaked coconut

1 cup Food Club sugar (not brown sugar as pictured)

1 cup Food Club Corn Syrup

¾ Food Club Butter

1 (4 ounce) package Food Club slivered almonds


Food Club is a national brand equivalent, when you shop Food Club, you’re saving money!

· Food Club®  offers a Double your money back guarantee—if you don’t like it, return it!

· Found at your locally owned and independent grocer—find Food Club® at grocer near you here:

Visit any participating Associated Food Retailer and enter to win a California Theme park getaway when you buy any Food Club® product, now through Dec 21!

Hug-Hes Cafe

We loved our experience at Hug-Hes Cafe! They have five different locations in Davis and Weber Counties- South Ogden, North Ogden, Layton, Syracuse and Centerville! The restaurant is a huge crowd favorite and locals love it. They also have great space for holiday parties and events which is so nice, especially at this time of year! Here are some of the menu items we ordered below.

BUFFALO RANCH CHICKEN MELT  Fried chicken breast with bacon, American cheese and drenched in buffalo ranch sauce. Served with lettuce and tomato.


Fried chicken breast with bacon, American cheese and drenched in buffalo ranch sauce. Served with lettuce and tomato.

PORTOBELLO CHICKEN   Grilled chicken breast sautéed in a Portobello mushroom cream sauce with roasted tomato and tender artichoke hearts. Topped with shredded parmesan.


Grilled chicken breast sautéed in a Portobello mushroom cream sauce with roasted tomato and tender artichoke hearts. Topped with shredded parmesan.

SMOKED CHICKEN PASTA SALAD  The Hug-Hes Cafe Original Rainbow rotini and bowtie pasta, kidney beans, carrots, broccoli, parmesan cheese and chicken Served with our famous sweet pasta dressing.


The Hug-Hes Cafe Original Rainbow rotini and bowtie pasta, kidney beans, carrots, broccoli, parmesan cheese and chicken Served with our famous sweet pasta dressing.

Their pasta salad is probably the most popular menu item! It comes with a bottle of their famous homemade dressing so you can dress the salad as much or as little as you’d like. Another huge crowd favorite is their BEER BREAD that comes to your table!

The Summer Salad

The Summer Salad

This was my favorite thing we ordered. I love a good salad and this was filled with plenty of toppings that all went so well together.

Root beer!

Root beer!

We saw so many other tables with their huge draft Root Beers! Comes in a chilled glass and was delicious.

SPINACH AND ARTICHOKE DIP  Our homemade dip made with marinated artichoke hearts and baby spinach. Served with toasted ciabatta bread and tortilla chips.


Our homemade dip made with marinated artichoke hearts and baby spinach. Served with toasted ciabatta bread and tortilla chips.

And another delicious menu item - their spinach and artichoke dip! I loved that they gave options of both bread and chips to dip.

All in all, we had a great experience and will for sure be back! Be sure to visit one of their five different locations or use them for your holiday catering this season!

Visit their website HERE.

See more of their menu items HERE.

Follow their Instagram HERE.

Mora Iced Creamery


A new gem just came to Provo/Orem: MORA ICE CREAM!


In 2010 I was on Bainbridge Island with my girlfriends and we stopped into the local favorite Mora Ice Cream. I remember it being some of the best ice cream I had EVER eaten and was soo excited to see they opened in Utah a couple months ago!


When you go in, I highly suggest sampling as many flavors as you can! They use REAL ingredients in all of their products (no corn syrup etc.) and you can totally taste the difference. They have speciality flavors, shakes, brownies, etc. and all of their flavors are spot on.


It was so hard to decide on the flavors but I went with Cinnamon & Pistachio! Still dreaming about the dulce de leche and peanut butter flavors though…


When you go in, mention UTAH GRUBS at the register to get a double scoop the price of a single! The offer lasts now through Halloween. I promise you will fall in love with this place. Just like how I did in 2010!

Follow their Instagram HERE!

TruFru Products

I've been going to Bear Lake every summer since I was three years old and can never leave without a couple chocolate covered raspberries for the road. After I saw numerous friends post about how incredible these new frozen chocolate covered raspberries were from Costco, I knew I had to try them! And boy, am I glad I did. They are seriously incredible and I really don't want to admit how many bags I've eaten... by myself. 


Owned by a local Utah company, TruFru, these raspberries are the perfect healthy snack since they have all clean ingredients and antioxidants. Simply put, it's a frozen raspberry covered with delicious white and dark chocolate! I love pouring some into a bowl and snacking while I work. 

Unknown to some, TruFru also carries freeze dried snacks that I've loved eating on the go. They have different flavors including Banana, Cherry, Raspberry, Coconut, Strawberry etc. My favorite flavor so far is the coconut! 


You can find the frozen chocolate covered raspberries in the freezer section of Costco (I found mine by the ice cream/desserts!) in Utah, Montana, and Idaho. But be careful, they go quick so I might by two bags if I were you! Or three...

Block Restaurant Lunch Menu // Provo


Today we went back to Block Restaurant to try their new lunch menu! Our last post about Block featured a lot of their dinner items/specials so we loved going in to try some of their lunch specials.


Block is located right in the heart of Provo off University Avenue and is an incredible, new farm to table restaurant that uses sustainable, locally sourced ingredients. 


This tortellini is a current lunch special which was amazing so if you're going to go in, go in soon while it's still there!


The waitress told me I'd want to "swim in this pasta" and after trying it, I wholeheartedly agree with her. It was one of the most delicious portions of pasta I've ever had! A perfect cream sauce with pork belly and vegetables. This was my favorite thing we ordered. 


The Avocado Bacon Cobb salad is always on the lunch menu. Grilled chicken, avocado, hard-boiled egg, bacon, Snuck Farm greens and an avocado bacon ranch. 


Once again, Block left us satisfied and wanting to come back and try everything else on the menu. Check out their website and Instagram and go support local!

-Will & Liv

SOMI Vietnamese Bistro

We've passed SOMI Vietnamese Bistro in Sugar House numerous times but have never been in to try it! On Saturday we decided to go in and did not regret that decision one bit. 


Somi is located in Sugar House right on Wilmington Avenue by Spitz, Acai with a Blend etc. Their address is 1215 E. Wilmington Ave, Suite 100, Salt Lake City, UT 84106 and they are open 11am-9pm (Sundays 12-8pm).


Right when we sat down, the SOMI Sliders immediately caught my eye on the menu. I love those soft buns and crispy pork belly. I've only had them once before in NYC and these were better!


Somi also has really fun drinks! The Passion Fruit Fizz is AMAZING. If you like Passion Fruit you have to try it. It has little passionfruit seeds and chunks which really compliment the flavor. We also had the Raspberry Fresh Lemonade which was delicious as well.


Avocado and cucumber rolls. Super fresh and healthy!


Out of everything we ordered, my FAVORITE item were these CRISPY SPRING ROLLS. Honestly, I've had egg rolls a lot in my life but these are hands down my new favorites. I would go back again and just order these. 


We heard their Vermicelli was really popular so we ordered the Grilled Short Rib Vermicelli and BONUS... it came with crispy spring rolls. 


Another crowd favorite are their Pho options, of course! It was a rainy day so we loved warming up with their Beef Noodle Pho. They simmer their pho stock for 24 hours! It definitely makes a difference because this Pho was incredible.

Hope you guys can make it in to SOMI soon! 

View their full menu HERE

Happy Pi Day! (featuring Pizza Studio)

In honor of Pi(e) Day,  we are featuring Pizza Studio Utah! Not only do they have great pizzas but they are having great specials today in honor of Pi Day. You can get a cheese or single topping pizza for only $3.14 so go for dinner!

We were able to stop in last Saturday at the Pizza Studio in Foothill Village (SLC) for lunch and tried so many great pizzas that we loved. 


Pizza Studio is fun because you can seriously customize your pizza HOWEVER you want. With unlimited toppings! I love that they don't top you off on how many toppings you can get. You get to get your pizza just how you like it!

I also love their salads. This is the Greek Salad. 


And this pizza below is the SKINNY GREEK! 

Whole Grain and Flax Seed crust, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, kale, marinated artichoke, red onion, grape tomato, roasted red pepper, kalamata olive, banana pepper, feta, finished with basil tzatziki drizzle.


Will ordered the BEAST!!!

Parmesan Cheese Crust, tomato blend, freshly grated mozzarella, nitrate-free pepperoni, meatball, shaved ham, bacon, pork sausage. 

The parmesan crust is soo good!


And then I always love creating my own. I chose the flax seed crust and loved it. You always have to top it off with that balsamic drizzle! 


An unexpected favorite was the TRUFFLE MUSHROOM pizza. I seriously am going back this week to get it again!

Rosemary Herb Crust, garlic alfredo, freshly grated mozzarella, truffle roasted mushrooms, fresh parmesan, baby spinach


Be sure to go stop into your closest Pizza Studio tonight and take advantage of their Pi(e) Day special!

-Liv & Will

Add them on Instagram HERE

Visit their website/menu HERE

Grubs We Love // Oahu!

Places to eat in Oahu

Here is a list of our favorite spots to eat if you ever find yourself in Oahu! If you have any more places you suggest people check out comment on this Instagram HERE

#1: Limon Rotisserie

This is a perfect spot, especially if you are staying down my Ko'olina! It opened in November of 2017 and had raving Yelp reviews so we tried it out and LOVED it. We just did the full chicken with the two sides and loved it all. 

Limon Rotisserie

#2: Leonard's Malasada's

We have gone to both the storefront of Leonard's and the food truck and can honestly say that both are just as good! We found the food truck off the side of the highway near Ko'olina. It's called the Leonard's Malasadamobile Wagon. 


#3: Haleiwa Bowls

Honestly one of the best acai bowls EVER. Located up on the North Shore. I'm sure anything you order is great.


#4: The Elephant Shack

This used to be a food truck and now it is a restaurant on the North Shore! Find out more details on it click HERE


#5: Ted's Bakery

We received a lot of recommendations from people to go here! I personally don't love pie but you love pie, this spot is for you! Right off the freeway as you're driving to the North Shore. 


#6: Kahuku Farms

This spot is located right off the highway on the North Shore and is an amazing farm to table restaurant. We were full when we went but their lunch looked AMAZING. We ordered the homemade banana bread with ice cream and caramel sauce. Next time we for sure want to try the food!


#7: Giovanni's Shrimp Truck

This place was worth all of the hype! Buttery, garlic goodness. Make sure you order a soda to wash all that garlic down haha! 


#8: Seven Brothers

Even though Seven Brothers is in Utah now (woo!) you can still find two locations up on the North Shore. Everything here is amazing!


#9: Kahuku Superette

A local recommended this (random) spot for Poke and we loved it!


#10: Snow Cones!

Matusmoto is the snow cone shop that people are most hyped about... However, we liked other ones way more! One that we loved was right next to the Seven Brothers "At The Mill" location. Don't forget if you have a snow cone spot you love, go comment HERE


All in all, Oahu is filled with amazing food. If you find yourself in Waikiki go to The Street: A Michael Mina Social House and then go to Duke's for some famous Hula Pie! 

Stix Fresh Asian Grill // Orem


A couple weeks ago, we received a Direct Message from a follower on Utah Grubs telling us we needed to go try out Stix Asian Grill in Orem so we did and we loved it! We love receiving recommendations from our followers and this one did not disappoint. 

Stix is located in Orem at 1066 S 750 E. Orem, UT 84097 and serves a variety of fresh asian dishes like rice and noodle bowls. They've done an incredible job with the interior of their restaurant and the ambiance in there is incredible. Be sure to check them out and follow their social pages below!

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Provo's new farm to table restaurant, Block, is exactly what Provo has been desperately needing. A higher end restaurant that makes you feel like you're not really in Provo anymore. Block uses locally sourced ingredients from local farmers and artisans to make this unique dining experience a must try!

The design of the restaurant is beautiful and we loved the ambiance it provides! 

A rotating selection of cured meats and cheeses, housemade mustard, housemade seasonal jam, Slideridge honeycomb and a pickled accompaniment. Also pretty much my dream come true! 

Barley pilaf, sauteed rainbow carrots, Slideridge honey and toasted walnuts

Yam puree, Apple chutney, Snuck farm's kale

With caramel popcorn and caramel sauce on top!

Toasted house-made marshmallows, local dark chocolate, graham crackers, rotating accompaniments  

Served with soft gingersnap cookies

This is their chef, Adam Cold. Honestly, such an incredible chef that has brought something truly special to Provo. I'd recommend getting a reservation now before there are week-long waiting lists!

Thanks for having us in, Block Restaurant.  

  (located at 3330 N University Ave, Provo, UT 84604)

Photos by our intern Abigail Keenan

BAKED // Logan Cookie Delivery

Last week we finally tried BAKED in Logan! Baked is a cookie delivery service that not only sells delicious cookies but donates 10% of their proceeds to a different charity each season. Fall 2017's charity is RODS which is a foundation for orphans with Down Syndrome. You can learn more about their charity efforts HERE.  

One of the best things I ate while in Baked was this chocolate chip cookie sandwich with Aggie Blue Mint ice cream in the middle! I've always loved Aggie ice cream so having it in the middle of two warm cookies was pretty much a dream come true. 

If you're in Logan, be sure to stop by and enjoy your cookies inside their store! They have nice lounge areas where you can stay and eat, even until 2am! They also recently opened in REXBURG so if you have any BYU Idaho friends be sure to tell them to try it out. 

You can order their regular chocolate chip cookies or their salted caramel. I honestly loved both. If you are a caramel lover you HAVE to try the caramel!

Thanks so much for having us in, Baked! We will be back every time we are in Logan that's for sure!

Visit their website HERE.
Visit their Instagram HERE

Wallaby's Smokehouse // South Jordan

On Saturday we went out to WALLABY'S SMOKEHOUSE in South Jordan! It is right in The District and just had its grand opening. 

I loved these Australian sparkling drinks. My favorite was the Blood Orange and Peach.

Bob's Beef Brisket Salad

Surf & Turf w/ Smashed Potatoes

Melbourne Burger with fries

Pepperjack Cheese Mac n' Cheese

Giant Cinnamon Roll

The burger and fries were our favorite. Wallaby's is a super family friendly place. Be sure to try it next time you're in the area!

-Liv & Will

Core Life Eatery // Warm Bowls

Last week we went back into CoreLife Eatery to try some of the warmer items off of their menu! They are located in American Fork right off State Street (197 NW State Street American Fork, UT 84003) and we loved our experience last time we went in. See that post HERE

Something we love about CoreLife is the fact that EVERYTHING in the restaurant (besides the sample bread) is Gluten Free! So, if you have a friend with a gluten intolerance you can come to CoreLife and order something everyone will love. 

Their juices/fresh lemonades might be my favorite part of the restaurant. Be sure to sample them to see which one is your favorite! It's a tough decision.  

Broth Bowls

Be sure to try CoreLife next time you're in American Fork! It's a wonderful healthy restaurant that will leave you feeling better than when you came. 

See our last post about CoreLife HERE

-Will & Liv

Midici Pizza // Orem

Several weeks ago one of our followers commented on our Instagram and told us that we MUST go try Midici in Orem since it was "the closest Italian pizza he's had since living in Italy". We were intrigued! So we went to give it a try today and we absolutely LOVED it. Not only do they have incredible pizza, but they have delicious salads and Italian soda that all will love. 

They also have a super fun polaroid wall! Whoever is there next time, try to spot our pic.

The two Italian sodas that we tried were Coconut Cream and Strawberry Peach. Don't be surprised if I'm back to order another one of those tomorrow 😉

Overall, a wonderful experience that we absolutely loved. Be sure to try it out next time in you're in the Provo/Orem area. Midici is attached to the University Mall on the southwest side (by Macy's). Follow them on Instagram HERE

Thank you so much for having us in, Midici! We will for sure be back. 

-Liv & Will

HIRING: Utah Grubs Intern

We are looking for an intern to join our Utah Grubs team! We will go into more details in our interviews but would love to see if you are a perfect fit!

  • Photoshop/InDesign experience
  • Intermediate-Advanced photography experience (preferably with food)
  • Experience with blog writing
To apply, please email your resume to with INTERN in the subject line. 

Thank you so much! Can't wait to have one of you join the team. 

CoreLife Eatery // American Fork

Yesterday we went to try the new CoreLife Eatery in American Fork! CoreLife opened up in Utah a couple months and serves a variety of HEALTHY, delicious dishes that are sure to please any crowd. They have various locations across the United States but this location is their first on the west coast. The manager told us that every menu item at CoreLife is gluten free (the only gluten they have in the entire restaurant is the complimentary slices of bread they hand out!). 

My favorite dish was this Plate with Chicken. It came with quinoa, sweet potatoes and Brussel sprouts and I'm already craving it again! It was the perfect meal that tastes good, fills you up and leaves you feeling good about what you just ate.

Thai Chicken and Rice Noodle Grain bowl.

Be sure to pair whatever you get here with their LEMONADES! My favorite drink was the Coconut Water Fruit Punch. It tasted just like a pina colada and I would go back just to order that! We love finding good healthy choices around Utah.

-Will & Liv

Follow them on Instagram here: @corelifeeateryut
View their menu here: CoreLife Menu


Okay okay.. let's clear up any confusion here. 

A couple months ago we launched our UTAH GRUBS GROUP on Facebook and it's been an incredible opportunity for "Grubbers" to connect and share/see places to go in certain areas of Utah. Here are some examples of what we've seen below...

We've loved seeing so many people connect, give suggestions, and find a new local place to try. However, we found that tons of Utahns were wanting suggestions for places OUTSIDE of Utah which is awesome and we love that. We want suggestions outside of Utah too so we've launched...

A group where you can get recommendations for wherever you're going outside of Utah. 

Go join and have fun finding good places to eat! Whether that's in Utah or not... hopefully our foodie community will have you covered.