Core Life Eatery // Warm Bowls

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Last week we went back into CoreLife Eatery to try some of the warmer items off of their menu! They are located in American Fork right off State Street (197 NW State Street American Fork, UT 84003) and we loved our experience last time we went in. See that post HERE

Something we love about CoreLife is the fact that EVERYTHING in the restaurant (besides the sample bread) is Gluten Free! So, if you have a friend with a gluten intolerance you can come to CoreLife and order something everyone will love. 

Their juices/fresh lemonades might be my favorite part of the restaurant. Be sure to sample them to see which one is your favorite! It's a tough decision.  

Broth Bowls

Be sure to try CoreLife next time you're in American Fork! It's a wonderful healthy restaurant that will leave you feeling better than when you came. 

See our last post about CoreLife HERE

-Will & Liv

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  1. this place looks like it is all about the good times with amazing food. that is what drives me towards it all the more .thank you for posting