Friday, August 18, 2017

Okay okay.. let's clear up any confusion here. 

A couple months ago we launched our UTAH GRUBS GROUP on Facebook and it's been an incredible opportunity for "Grubbers" to connect and share/see places to go in certain areas of Utah. Here are some examples of what we've seen below...

We've loved seeing so many people connect, give suggestions, and find a new local place to try. However, we found that tons of Utahns were wanting suggestions for places OUTSIDE of Utah which is awesome and we love that. We want suggestions outside of Utah too so we've launched...

A group where you can get recommendations for wherever you're going outside of Utah. 

Go join and have fun finding good places to eat! Whether that's in Utah or not... hopefully our foodie community will have you covered. 


1 comment on "NOT IN UTAH GRUBS"
  1. This is very good thinking, making a community where people can help each other find good places to eat! we have a city wide community here but i think we should also have one for the whole country!