Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hey, everyone!
We receive a lot of direct messages on Instagram asking what our favorite Costco items are so we've been meaning to do this post for what seems like FOREVER! Here is what we like to grab while we are at Costco. Feel free to comment your favorite Costco picks below too!

1. G2G Bars
Why do we love these bars? Local Utah company! 

2. Kirkland Marcona Almonds
These almonds are seriously so delicious! I can't ever stop snacking on them once I start. 

3. Citterio Meat & Cheese Packs
These are the best for grab and go! Super low carb if you're into that thing these days :) 

4. Boom Chicka Pop
If you haven't tried this stuff yet please stop what you are doing and get to your nearest Costco immediately. 

5. Whisps!
If you know me, you know I am the biggest cheese fan EVER. So this little snack is right up my alley. 

6. Acai Packs
If we don't have time to make it to Protein Foundry we love making our own Acai from home!

7. Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Tortilla Chips
Perfect amount of salt in my opinion!

8. Chunky Guac from Good Foods
Tableside guac that tastes good is hard to come by. This stuff is deeeelicous. 

9. Pepperjack Cheese from Tillamook
Probably the least appetizing picture one could ever take of cheese but you get the point. If you love Pepperjack anything grab this from Tillamook!

I will sing the praises for these every single day. Grab them! I always find them at the Costco off of 300 W downtown SLC (biggest Costco in the world say what!!!). 

Comment your favorites below!

-Liv & Will

  1. You have got a good and lovely place to try some good food. I think that you are lucky to have such combination there and I really want both of them right now.