Saturday, February 11, 2017

On Saturday, in the middle of some carpools, we drove up to Bountiful to try some of the spots that you guys commented on our Bountiful #UGCityPicks Instagram!

Cutler's cookies were worth all the hype and I'm just mad at myself that I didn't order more cookies to-go! Jacob is still learning how to use his words but he had zero problem saying "More cookie please!" the entire drive home. Our favorites were the marshmallow brownie cookie and the sugar glazed heart for Valentine's day. 

We also ate at Plates and Palate's which was equally just as delicious. The Lemon Terragon pasta was incredible and I am still dreaming over the Pear and Pecan salad. I just wish I would've added some chicken to it! 

Plates and Palates was easily the most commented on our UG City Pick for Bountiful so we were super eager to try it. 

The staff at Plates and Palates was extremely friendly and I loved the local feel inside the restaurant. 

I realized today I definitely need to make it up to Bountiful more. We will be back soon!


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