Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Hi fellow grubbers!

This morning we had the opportunity of going on Fox 13's The Place. 

We loved chatting with the twins and talking about some of our favorite SLC food stops. What's your favorite?

Here is our video from the segment + our top 5 SLC picks!

1. Greek City Grill

We discovered Greek City Grill a little over a year ago and have been hooked ever since. Based right on Highland Drive and 6200 South, it is a restaurant that everyone should try. Our favorite dish there is the D-Will. Obviously named after NBA star, Deron Williams. It is a fresh pita surrounded by hummus, shredded chicken, diced onions & green peppers, lettuce and a light dressing. 

2. Big Apple Pizzeria

Growing up, every time my Dad chose where we were going to eat (which was a lot) his first choice was always Big Apple Pizzeria.  I practically grew up on this place! Their crust is definitely unlike any other crust I've had. It is the perfect combination of salty + firm crust that will leave you wanting more. Their pesto pizza + feta cheese = unforgettable!

3. Lone Star Taqueria

We love this beach Mexican family owned restaurant so much! Our favorite items would have to be the shrimp nachos and then chicken salad. See our post from Lone Star Taqueria here

4. Gourmandise

Their creme brulee oatmeal... enough said! 

Super delicious. Great atmosphere inside of this entire restaurant. 

5. Spitz

If your up for trying a little different, definitely go try Spitz! They just opened in Sugarhouse too. Their fries are delicious! And their lamb salad... salivating as I write this!

1 comment on "OUR TOP 5 SLC EATS "
  1. You need to check out Provisions! Amazing food!!! Chef Tyler knows what its all about!