Thursday, March 26, 2015

Last week my friend Ash posted a picture of her food at Oak Wood Fire Kitchen on her Twitter page. After seeing the picture I immediately asked her where it was and knew I wanted to try it ASAP! We ended up going all together tonight so we could try it and really loved our experience there. 

It was an extremely clean restaurant with neat design and great eclectic feel. We LOVED our server Ryan and appreciated how often he came to check in on us. 

We ordered the Wedge salad, Salmon Caesar salad, and two orders of the Chicken Parmesan sliders. 

Everything tasted super fresh and there wasn't one thing we tasted that we didn't enjoy! Their fries were probably my favorite part & paired with the spicy ketchup was definitely a must-have.

Due to the giant wood oven visible in the restaurant, a lot of people were ordering the pizzas which is probably what they are most famous for.  I had a pizza for lunch AND dinner yesterday I was a little pizza'd out however next time pizza will be my order. Preferably that Prosciutto and Arugula one!

Overall we had a great experience. If it weren't for the slightly higher prices we would be back a couple times a month if we could! But we will definitely be returning from time to time. 

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