Tuesday, December 16, 2014

This morning we ate at Magelby's Fresh in Provo, Utah and loved our experience!

Their Classic French Toast is unforgettable and is ALL YOU CAN EAT! It comes with caramelized strawberries and bananas & topped with fresh whipped cream. 

We also had their egg white omelette as a healthier option which is stuffed with tomatoes, onions, spinach and cheese. 

Overall we liked our experience there and will definitely be going back. 

Their syrup is out of this world. 

Next time you are in Provo go stop by! 

1 comment on "MAGELBY'S FRESH"
  1. this looks absolutely mouth watering. what a treat! i should be definitely treating myself with this. by the way i absolutely love your blog. it is very soulful and full of energy. just the kind i need